UNCOVERED 2008-2018

When faced with a tricky decision at dinner—debating between one fine wine or dish, or the other—Peter Van Hoesen, more often than not, turns to me and says, “Both”. Hold that thought...we’ll return.

Moving on is the process of throwing away—cleaning house and cleaning mind—but it can also be the process of finding. I can see Peter going through the hard drives, reflecting on Time to Express’s ten past years, finding a curiosity and thinking, “This might look nice on someone’s shelf, just needs a little dusting...” Or an evocative rediscovery, “Brings back memories...” And probably a few furrowed, “Hmm, what’s this?” And I can see fans happy he spent this time hunting, dusting, and restoring.

In Part 1 there are sketches of almost tracks that hint at paths not taken, or seeds of future variations, together with more full-blown explorations to grab you. 

As we move through the slow-burning Part 2, we get pulled into periods of distinct sounds. I’ve always loved an early production period whose geometric sounds struck me as those of a sharp pillow. We have a few sharp pillows here.

And in Part 3 we have a full feast of psychedelic raving numbers and new modular-sound-bending beasts, enough of these and more for a full album. How much of this is uncovered...?

There’s a time to express where one stands today, and there’s a time to let go and move on. I suspect Peter, looking carefully over the menu, reached his decision, looked up, and said “Both.” 

Bon appétit.

- Russell Moench, Tokyo, October 2019

Uncovered 2008-2018 Vols 1, 2 and 3 are now available on limited edition cassette tape and digital formats. Please have a look at our Bandcamp shop.

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