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  • Entropic City is out now! Get your CD copy or digital download from Buy the CD and receive immediate access to the digital files.
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  • The Variable Parts EP is out: free download!
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    Confirmed album tour live dates:

  • March 20 2010: Fuse, Brussels
  • March 26 2010: Trak, Milan
  • April 2 2010: Waagenbau, Hamburg
  • April 17 2010: Berghain, Berlin
  • April 23: Detached, Leeds
  • May 1 2010: Harry Klein, Munich
  • May 7 2010: Raise, Takasaki
  • May 8 2010: Mariana at Warehouse, Tokyo
  • May 9 2010: Be Green, Okinawa
  • May 15 2010: Dunkel, Copenhagen

    Album release date: March 22nd 2010
    Released by Time To Express.
    Distributed by Clone
    Promotion by Tailored Communication.
    Artist management by Kinetic AM

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